#OrcaAvengers Honor the Orcas, dive in.  An Earth Science Institute World Project: #CaptivityFree

Earth Science Institute World Project's:  Why Geology rocks.  The forgotten scientists. #OrcaAvengers Honor the Orcas, dive in.

Earth Science Institute World Project’s:
Why Geology rocks.
The forgotten scientists.
#OrcaAvengers Honor the Orcas, dive in.images (4)

No one at Twitter has says to me yet as to why my Twitter account was reinstated with no reason after being suspended for no reason. Great PR Twitter, a hat tip to you all.

My recent Twitter events, were quite frustrating due to the fact that my account was suspended for trying to share a tweet that involved an issue i cared deeply about.

Instead i was abruptly disconnected and told by Twitter ” Look at the rules of Twitter ”   and prepared a written statement: This was the email i sent Twitter after they sent me a suggestion email for accounts i should follow, only to find, that’s right you guessed it, my account was still suspended for whatever reason Twitter made up for the suspension they imposed on @OrcaAvengers Twitter account.

Why am I still receiving emails from twitter? Twitter has suspended my account so why send me emails about suggestions on who to follow on Twitter?.Capture

I have received no confirmation from Twitter as to why my account was suspended. The reason for the suspension is still unclear to me, all i tried to do was re-tweet someone.

Sending me a message stating suggestions on who to follow is ironic because i cant follow any. If Twitter will be so kind as to reinstate my account I might find the emails useful. In future, if Twitter would be so kind, any emails sent to my email address should be from an actual human please? if its not to much to ask. Explanation as to why my account was suspended would be appreciated. Goodbye.

Twitter suspends account for whatever reason they deemed fit, apparently trying to re-tweet a tweet is punishable by suspension without any good reason at all.

( Should be ) >>>Twitter rules:

1 If enough people block you, we will suspend your account. Period.

2 If you mention any one on twitter, watch out, we might suspend you.

3 Tweeting is only allowed if you promise not to speak your mind which may in-turn offend other’s. Oh yes, and another thing,  we will suspend you.

My @OrcaAvengers Account was re-instated for no good reason, no apology from twitter,  Beginning to like WordPress more & more anyway so might just stick with a social media site that is more mature.


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