#Sharkstopper is the first and only Acoustic Shark Repellent in the world.

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SharkStopper devices emit an acoustic signal that is undesirable to sharks, yet not harmful to them.

Through extensive testing, the signal for the SharkStopper “Personal Shark Repellent”, has been proven to repel sharks up to 60′ feet away, with a minimum protection range of 20′.

This device is designed to be worn on a person’s ankle.  The reason why this is the optimal placement is because sharks have been known to attack in as little as 2 feet of water.  

SharkStopper is designed to automatically engage once its sensors are immersed in water. When the device is removed from water, the unit will shut itself off.

Sharkstopper has a rechargeable battery that will provide its user with many hours of peace-of-mind while enjoying the ocean. 

Stay tuned and please sign up above to receive more information about SharkStopper’s availability.

With SharkStopper, enjoyment of the open waters just became safer.

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