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Since the last “Death At SeaWorld” blog post, I have read another 20 chapters. That being said, this time around will be more of a reflection than a summary. If you have yet to read this book, I would highly recommend reading it or at least read it up to chapter 27 before reading this blog post! 

Attention! Spoilers!

I am not someone who particularly enjoys reading and at times this book is challenging for me to continue. It’s not that the book is “bad” or anything close to it; there is just a lot, and I mean a lot of background information I was not expecting. I know as I am reading this that everything is going to connect and all the information will be appreciated by the end of book. 

Since the last blog, I have learned more about Naomi Rose’s journey as a marine  biologist and her study of the resident killer whale population in British Columbia. On the other side, I have also been educated on the “behind the scenes” of SeaWorld through Jeff Ventre’s journey as a killer whale trainer. Although the book jumps from one person’s story to another almost every chapter, I really enjoy the constant contrast between captive orcas and wild orcas. 

I was surprised to learn that Jeff was fired from SeaWorld. I had assumed he had chosen to leave the company due to his conflicting feelings of the place. The book does go into detail about his thoughts and changing feelings towards SeaWorld leading up to him being fired. 

I remember reading that SeaWorld indirectly stopped outside research of wild killer whales presumably because they did not want anything conflicting with the so called facts they were feeding their employees and paying customers. This astounded me because here is a company that claims to support research and marine mammal education for the public yet it undermines the attempts to get solid research on Orcas in the wild. 

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