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Posted by Hang Lisa Huynh


Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee Goal: Tell the President of the International Olympics that a dolphin does not need to be a part of the Olympic relay race

It has been reported that a dolphin is scheduled to play a major part in the Sochi Olympics for 2014. The dolphin show will take place during the Russian Sochi Olympics torch relay race before the introductory ceremony. A dolphin trainer will be holding onto the dolphin’s fin with one hand and holding the Olympics torch with the other while they swim together across the swimming pool at the Black Sea Resort.

Many are concerned for the safety of this dolphin. This fear is justified, as during a nationwide relay, the torch exploded and was engulfed in flames. During the incident, the torch started erupting flames over a meter long before being seized by the Sochi officials. The RIA Novosti website claimed that a young 13-year-old girl suffered from burns because of the incident, but the head of the Sochi organizing committee denied the story.

Using any kind of fire or torch could cause some sort of explosion and put a helpless dolphin in peril. This dangerous move can leave the animal trainer and the dolphin with painful burns, or even kill them. Please sign this petition to tell the President of the International Olympic Committee to take the dolphin out of the show.


Dear Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee

News reports say that the 2014 Sochi Olympics will have a dolphin in the torch race before the opening ceremony. I think the Olympics is a spectacular sporting event that the whole world loves to tune in and watch, but please take the time to consider removing the dolphin from the show. Last month, there were reports of an incident with the Olympic torch. The torch was engulfed in flames and caused burns to the people involved. If you have a dolphin alongside the person carrying the torch, there is no doubt that the dolphin will get hurt and experience the burns.

I believe that the show can still be a magnificent spectacle without the use of the dolphin. Please show the world that you care about animals and the dolphin’s safety. As the president of the International Olympics, you have the power to take the defenseless dolphin out of the show and protect that dolphin’s life.


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Photo Credit: Mark Interrante via Wikimedia Commons

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