#Orca Aware is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about wild and captive killer whales found around the world.

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Orca Aware is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about wild and captive killer whales found around the world.Orca Aware is a campaign sponsored by British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), providing up-to-date information and resources about everything orca. It is an information campaign which will act as a source-pool for scientific, educational and journalistic material reporting on killer whales found both in the wild and in captivity around the world. There are at time of writing, around 40 known free-ranging orca populations currently living in our oceans and a total of 45 known orca in captivity. Orca Aware aims to assemble news and information from the many different research projects and conservation groups that study and educate about these apex ocean predators, so you can begin to appreciate orca on a whole new level. 

Orca Aware is based in the UK. Many people living in Great Britain are unaware that orca inhabit the waters off our coast.We even have our own resident population! Why is this important? Having orca off our shores shows us just how close to home this amazing species really is and as apex ocean predators, orca give us clues as to the state our oceans are in. We should care about orca, we should learn about them and we should help address the conservation threats that they face. By doing so, we will learn to better protect our World’s oceans. 

Find out about Orca Aware Supporters and how you can book a Talk / Workshop with us. Orca Aware does not agree that orca or any other cetacean should be kept in captivity but aims, where possible, to provide all information and resources in an unbiased way.

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