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Orca, also referred to as orca whale, killer whale and less commonly blackfish belong to the oceanic dolphin family and are found in all of the world’s oceans and most seas. Orcas are a highly social, emotional and intelligent species with some of their populations composed of matrilineal family groups, or in other words a system by which all descendants’ can be traced through the mother and maternal ancestors. Orcas have unique hunting techniques directly related to their diet, unique vocal behaviours, such as different dialects in different populations and wild orcas are not considered a threat to humans.

Many orca (killer whales or blackfish), have been taken from the wild, ripped from their families, to live in conditions not true to their nature.

In the wild, orca females can live an average of 50 years but can live as long as 80-90 years while male orcas live and average of 30 years but can live as long as 50-60 years. Captive orcas have a much shorter life span, in spite of what SeaWorld claims, living an average of 20 years. In the wild, orcas natural behaviours include foraging for food, travelling up to 160kms a day, acrobatics such as breaching, spy-hopping and tail slapping. Captivity for orcas on the other hand is a vast change to their natural environment with force-feeding to learn ‘tricks’ and ‘performances’ to entertain loud, noisy audiences, an assault on their intelligence, their natural born ways and their senses., not to mention forced family groupings with different populations.

These highly intelligent animals soon become bored and frustrated at their lessened quality of life. They attack their trainers’ which has resulted in three recorded deaths and numerous injuries. SeaWorld denies the intent of the orcas to cause injury and routinely blames the incidents on the trainers. The trainers themselves (via blackfish) have told you that orca are not happy in captivity and as a result, horrific injuries to both the cetaceans themselves and humans that interact with them have occurred and will continue to occur until we can end their captivity.

TAKE ACTION: We will be holding/sharing various tweet storms relating to various orca in captivity with a vision to encourage future trainers, the general public and cetacean advocates to shed light on the TRUE facts about orca in captivity and the heartache it brings. It is vital that people DO NOT go to see a show, so the more people aware the better. EDUCATION IS KEY.

….until all orca are released from their life prison sentence.


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