Underwater Reality: ONE STEP AT A TIME

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Spread the word about marine mammals and sharks. Let us work for a future without captive cetacean, without shark exctinction and without threatening the ocean.


While some believe that their lonesome signature on a petition that requires thousands will not have an impact on the world; we think otherwise! If every individual thinking negatively actually does sign and share the petition, we would already be much closer to getting results than if we all give up from the start. This grassroots approach on change is actually a great starting point for rescuing marine wildlife.


Below you will find the petitions we find are worth signing and sharing with your social network, which will be changed periodically to keep up with current events. A signature does not take long to add to a petition, and so we encourage you to take the little time it takes to help our oceanic creatures.


Additionally, if you have a cause close to heart and you know of a petition that you would like more attention drawn to, feel free to send us the link by email and we will do our best to add it to our website as soon as possible. You will find our contact information under the tab: Contact.

See on www.underwaterreality.com


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