Imagine if you will: You are in the Pod of Orca’s taken from the Ocean.

Imagine if you will:

Imagine if you will: You are in the Pod of Orca’s taken from the Ocean.
This Article is a mixture of thoughts on why humans act the way they do & still claim to be more Moral than any other species.
Most of the Worlds human population claims to be morally good & its only those humans that show us how wrong they are based on their actions on a daily basis.
You are preparing dinner with your wife & the kids are playing in the living room, when all of sudden your front door is kicked in, windows smashed and you are stunned by a flash bang grenade. (Buzzing in your ears, eyes wide open but cant see.)
The children are screaming for you to help them, you hear their cries but are helpless to save them, the wife is trying to stand up, you can hear Men shouting all around you: ” Just take the little ones!  We have our orders.”
You finally recover, lifting your wife up to her feet, standing there looking around you only to realize that your children have been taking from you, you can hear them in the distance, you call out their name, but they cant hear you, they are gone, never to be heard from again!
Its tough to imagine this is it not? 
We as humans, or the majority of humans see the this as a disgraceful act, that is if it happens to us. We seem to think its not okay to do that sort of thing if it involves humans, but if its another species ( Orca’s will be the focus of the day & every day in my writings. As I care dearly for these wonderful Mammals! ) then we don’t see it as a crime against nature or even care as much as we should! 
Its why I am ashamed to be part of this so called ” Human-kind ” because the majority of humans are not kind. 
In my humble opinion: 
If the majority of humans can treat other Animals on this Planet as if they have no rights to a long, happy life just as we expect to do. Put yourself in the Animals place, do you feel happy, no did not think so!
Imagine if you will, simply imagine if it was us in captivity, punished to do tricks for food, how would you feel? What would you do?  Why do we insist in killing so many animals for food for one 
( Will be writing about how many Animals are killed for food in the next update.) or keeping Animals in captivity? 
Greed seems to be the answer, after all you can pack stadiums to watch Animals that should be free & wild that are in fact being mistreated so they can keep performing for the enjoyment of the easily led, sick & twisted crowd. 
 Instead our kind has treated Animals as if they are play-things in order to turn a profit. 
Just imagine if all the other Animals treated us as if we were play-things, would we have a right to complain?  The way we wish to be treated by other humans seems to have been forgotten by most of the population. The way people treat each other is disgusting because there is so much killing going on all over the World but apparently its okay because they are all in a better place now or depending on what is believed a terrible place. 
We treat life as if its not important, but maybe its no surprise due to the fact that most of human-kind believe that after they die they are going to a better place to live forever. Most people don’t even see the irony in this thought process. 
With that sort of mentality its hard to see any real changes about how we treat the Animals on this Planet & even the Planet itself will soon not be able to support us because we are slowly killing it. 
If we are an intelligent species, why do we act so dumb? Why is it okay for the masses of the population to enforce their way of life according to historic teachings, that we are somehow better than all the other species. 
The mistreating of Animals has been going on for Centuries & it will never stop unless people realize just how important the life they have is worth living & not just looking forward to death, which is my understanding of most of the beliefs of certain groups within the human race. This World is being run by the masses of people who would rather look forward to what happens to them after they die instead of living an actual real life, nothing else matters. 
For the future of all the species on Earth its Human-kind that has to wake up and realize that the World would get on quite well without human’s whereas humans would not get on so well without other species on Earth.


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